JP Mobiles Certified Pre-Owned vs Refurbished

JP Mobiles Certified Pre-Owned vs Refurbished

In the electronics world, most customers are rightfully wary of any device that's not new. Terms; Certified Pre-Owned, Certified Refurbished, Open Box, Refurbished, Renewed are used interchangeably and have different meanings depending on the seller or marketplace. 

The worlds largest retailer introduces this category with the statement: "Shop Certified Refurbished, Pre-Owned and Open-Box Products on Amazon Renewed
Products on Amazon Renewed are tested and certified by qualified suppliers to work and look like new and come with a minimum 90-day supplier warranty."

The top-ranked definition on states: "refurbished: 
any abused, broken, defective electronics returned to the manufacturer, retail or online store within the warranty, refund, exchange period and re-sold to unsuspecting consumers in the same miserable condition, believing that the item was "restored to factory conditions". 

Based on our interactions with clients over the years, customers generally expect a refurbished device to be a broken phone that was repaired with 3rd party parts and restored to like-new cosmetic condition and problems are likely to surface shortly after the return period expires. 

JP Mobiles Certified Pre-Owned devices are technically refurbished but we never open and repair or modify devices in any way.

We carefully filter through literally 100,000s of devices every week at various auctions. We pay top dollar to get customer remorse returns that were used for a short time. We only choose models that were manufactured in the last 18 months. According to information from Hyla Mobile, Gartner, IDC, Deloitte for NA Market and Counterpoint; the life expectancy of smartphones is increasing and the average age of an iPhone trade-in is 2.76 years old! The average age of an Open Box phone we sell is 3 months old, 6 months for Grade A and 1 year for Grade B. That means these phones have at least 2.5-1.75 years of normal use left. 

Check out how we classify JP Mobiles Certified Pre-Owned devices and save up to 50% on a smartphone that you'll feel great about using every day for the next couple years. 


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