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No seal sticker on Samsung or Sony Retail Packaging

Some customers are surprised to receive the international version of the Samsung or Sony phone they purchased without a sticker sealing the retail packaging. This is not un-common. All our new items are brand-new, unused, unopened items in their original packaging, with all original packaging materials included. Unless otherwise stated, new smartphones include manufacturer warranty. Warranty length is 1 year from date of your order. Warranty claims are processed by JP Mobiles through manufacturer authorized repair centers. 

We purchase all devices in large quantity from the manufacturer authorized distribution. We receive the new devices in the same retail packaging condition (no sticker sealing the retail box) in sealed master cartons. See video below comparing the new Samsung S8 to an open box Samsung A5:

Neither Sony or Samsung put sticker to seal the retail box for various reasons that we won't get into during this post. You can find many articles accross the web validating this fact. Here are 2 examples: 



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