Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What currency is the price listed in?


Q: Is the phone unlocked?

A: Yes, all our cell phones are factory unlocked never associated with any carrier. You will need your own SIM card and you must confirm with your carrier that your plan supports the unlocked smartphone you're interested in. 

Q: Where does my order ship from?

A: Orders ship from our inventory in an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Canada or our 3RD party logistics partner in Toronto or Vancouver. 

Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: Yes, we collect sales as required by Canadian law. The amount is calculated during checkout depending on your shipping address.

Q: Why is your price sometimes higher than other Amazon sellers?

A: Not all smartphones are created equal. There are many different versions of the same phone (example: North American, Asain, European, Carrier Unlocked, Factory Unlocked). We offer the version that works best in the Americas. Unlike JP Mobiles, many Amazon sellers do not provide warranty support after the 30-day return policy expires. 

Q: Do you offer more products on marketplaces?

A: Yes, we do have additional products available in our Amazon, BestBuy and Walmart stores. We provide the same terms and support for all these offers.