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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is phone unlocked?

A: Yes, unless otherwise stated, all our cell phones are GSM unlocked for any GSM carrier worldwide. Unlocked GSM cell phones will not work with CDMA networks like Boost, Verizon or Sprint. You will need your own SIM card and you must confirm with your carrier that your plan supports GSM unlocked smartphones. Not all carrier features like WIFI calling or hotspot will be supported on an unlocked phone, please discuss with your carrier before purchasing to make sure they don't place any limitations for unlocked smart phones that are unacceptable for you. 

Q: Where does my order ship from? 

A: If Canadian Shipping address, ships from Brampton ON or Amazon Fulfillment Center in Canada.

A: If US Shipping address, ships from Miami FL or Amazon Fulfillment Center in USA.

Q: 1. When will my order ship? 2. What's my tracking number? 3. What's the delivery estimate?

A1: Most of our orders are automatically fulfilled within 2 business days from the date your payment is approved by Best Buy.
A2: Tracking numbers are emailed to the account you set up with Best Buy 2-3 business days after your payment is approved by Best Buy.
A3: If tracking number has already been received, you may use the tracking number to check with the carrier to find the most up to date estimated delivery date. If you have not received a tracking number you may calculate the estimated delivery date using the following information: Date of payment received + up to 2 business days to get to carrier + 2-6 business days until first delivery attempt. Generally 2 business days ON / QC 4 business days other province street address 6 business days other province po box.

Q: I received a tracking number that starts with TBC and carrier is "Amazon Logistics" how do I track this item

A: Amazon Logistics delivers packages within 1-2 days from date tracking number was provided, if you'd like to find the specific status and estimated delivery date, please send us an email request support@jpmobiles.com, there is currently no public website that displayes tracking update details from this carrier. 

Q: What currency is price listed in? 


Q: Do you charge sales tax?

A: For orders placed on JPmobiles.com and other US marketplaces, sales tax only applies for orders shipped to Wyoming USA, sales tax is not collected if shipping address is Canadian, since orders from JPMobiles.com are sold by our USA Company.

A: For our .ca offers, sales tax (HST/GST) will be calculated based on shipping address. 

Q: My new Samsung device has a sticker stating "American SIM Only", what does this mean? 

A: This product is only compatible with a SIM-card issued from a mobile operator within the Americas (The North, South and Central Americas and the Caribbean) To use SIM cards from other regions, a cumulative call over five minutes must first be made with the SIM card from American operators. If a SIM card issued from another region is used for activation, the phone may not work. Once the phone has been activated in the Americas by completing a five minute phone call you may use this smartphone anywhere in the world with any GSM carrier!

Q: How may I request a return?

A: Amazon.ca

A: Amazon.com

A: Bestbuy.ca send us message through contact form including reason for return, and current condition of phone / packaging (still sealed vs open). Make sure to provide us the Seller Order ID (Always starts with the number 1 and ends in -A) and last name from the shipping address. 

A: eBay

A: If purchased on JPmobiles.com: send email including order number, reason for return, and current condition of phone / packaging to support@jpmobiles.com

A: Newegg.com

Q: Why are your offers so much less than buying direct from manufacturer or major retailer?

A: We are an efficient company that does not use the same markup as major retailers. We buy direct from the manufacturer authorized distributor in large quantity not some 3rd party reseller. We buy trade in and customer remorse returns at auction from all major USA retailers. We utilize automatic order fulfillment through Amazon Fulfillment Centers to deliver packages quickly and cost effectively to our customers all across North America.