More about "International Version" smartphones

  • By John Pettigrew

There are important differences between the "International Version" and the Canadian version of the same device. Here's a comparison chart we've compiled based on feedback from our clients in Canada and our own experience. There may be other differences we are not aware of. 


Canadian International
Packaging Printed Material in English & French Printed Material in English & Spanish
Sticker sealing box No sticker sealing box
Software No known limitations for Canadian Apps Known lack of support for Samsung Pay and some Canadian banking Apps
Powers up in English, system messages in English Some system messages in Spanish
Network Made for Canadian carriers Some models have different 3G/4G/LTE band support, check specs
  Some manual configuration may be required for MMS and Data
Warranty Directly with brand or retailer in Canada Only through JP Mobiles (Return center in Brampton ON)


These international devices also vary based on the region they are made for. We carry the version made for the Americas that include the correct charger, work in Canada and have a 1-year warranty. We only purchase from the manufacturer authorized distributor. This is how we are able to provide the warranty support. We are aware that other vendors in Canada are offering African, Asian, European regional international devices. These other regional versions are inferior (no warranty, wrong charger, different non-English language on packaging, etc).

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